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Fashion.. hmmm...Well fashion would be a popular trend, especially in styles or dress and ornament or manners of behavior. That's fashion. When I think of fashion I think of what someone is wearing. When someone looks at you, they are looking at what you are wearing! What people see and what you wear tells a person about you. Maybe your unique sense of styles tells someone you are very creative and different. Or you are bright and outgoing, but whatever its saying make sure it's you. Be that person when someone look at, they are like "Oh, where you get that?" Or "I love your look." Let your hobby of looking good, inspire someone else to find what inspires them. We just want to inspire you to be you, to be different, to be free!!

Relationship Goals

So I want to say something about relationships. Don't get in a relationship, just because everyone else is. Make sure you are with someone you want and want you back. Stay with them through it all and prove yourself worthy of them. We all see the videos and pictures of couples saying "relationship goals" now I have a slight problem with that. Why want someone else relationship goals? I want my own goals in a relationship, anyone can put on an act in front of a camera. They relationship that you don't always see, hear about, or know everything about would be goals for me. Why? Well, I don't need everyone in my business.
Silence is golden and honesty is key. (that probably went over so many heads)
If you are a man invest your time into someone that will be your backbone and treat you a King should be treated. And if you are a woman invest your time into someone worthy of you. You are a Queen and a King will know you are one when he lays his eyes on you. It takes a strong man to claim his Queen. Kings and Queens don't lose your crown over jokers, you may never get it back.
While you wait for your King or Queen, start building your kingdom so when they arrive the kingdom will be in the works. When you are worry free, your Kindom is complete. 

My Day: Living with MS on a WEEKEND..

So, today was supposed to be a good, fun day. I finally had a chance to get out the house, on a Saturday and have fun. My family decided to take a trip to Water Country USA, its a water park in Williamsburg, Virginia. Even though I had a seizure Thursday night, today is Saturday I should be fine now, ya know. So Friday I was in a grumpy, exhausted mood and I just wanted to sleep. Then 4am Saturday morning come and guess who's up and hungry? That's right ME. I figured all of this dizziness, weakness, and fatigue would wear off before we went to the water park. But it didn't just worsened. We arrived at the park and I just felt like butt and just wanted to sit, but have fun too. Decided to get on a little water slide with my mom that was fun until I got out and my body just did not want to work with me anymore. So, I stumbled off the slide and ended up looking crazy in the middle of a little eating section of the park. (Can't even go look semi-normal anymore) Mom held me and dad went to get me a two wheeled ride and that was my ride all day at the park. I had to make a wheelchair look cute today it was hard but I think I pulled it off. I ended up going a little insane in the sun, me and the sun do not get along at all. I thought if I ate that would make everything better, but it didn't. I wanted everyone to enjoy their time without having to worry about me, but I might have messed it up for them. This is why I stay in the house. So, I will be getting my very own wheelchair, YAY!! Sike. But this is my life and this is what I deal with on a daily basis.



Find A Cure to MS <3

Trying to make this wheelchair look some type of attractive. lol

This World..

Okay, I am NOT one to speak on this type of issue but I think my voice needs to be heard on it. The kills with "WHITE" Police Officers and these "BLACK" men, now I don't know all the facts, wasn't there to witness anything, don't know what was going on in their minds. I think the officers were wrong to KILL, I am saying this in all issues of officers killing, PERIOD! YES, BLACK lives matter, but WHITE lives matter also. All lives matter and we need to see that as White, Black, Hispanic, Chinese, whatever color or race you are. I say this because I have different races in my family so if I target one of those races than its like saying their lives don't matter. If I say black lives matter than does that mean my friends of other races lives don't matter or matters less than blacks? I don't like that fact that these officers are aiming to kill, why not aim to just hurt them? Why not just shoot one in the air to scare? What are men saying to these officers to make them think their lives are in danger? Why is "KILL THEM" the first thing these officer think of? We as people want these terrible events to stop happening right? What are we doing to change anything?
Look, I am not saying that it is okay with what these officers are doing or its okay for anything that's been happening is okay. I am saying we have to make sure this does not happen again to anyone's son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, or friend. Make sure you teach your children well, make sure they know their rights, just stop the cruel violence. EVERYONE Matters.

Family Time

I love holidays because I know I get to see my family and friends all in one place. But at the same time I don't like it because you only get to see some of your family. I like to see my whole family together in one place again , happy, doing well, and alive. (just saying) I like when everyone's able to stay around just spending time with each other, rather than someone have something to do or half of them have to work. Unfortunately, this is life and all of its wonderful perks. I think FAMILY TIME is important though, for everyone. Why? Well, family is supposed to be there for each other no matter what. When something happens and everyone can't see each other, we are missing out on other members lives, success, achievements, and etc. But I love my family, even the ones I don't get to see at family functions anymore. I love you all. <3

Are You Living Healthy?? Neither Am I

Living healthy, happens to be one of those things no one is the best at. Balancing everyday life while trying to be healthy is a hard task, but can be done. I take myself as an example, I'm young, have a full time job, about to start school, and like to do what I want to do. I make excuses for myself on why I can eat healthier and exercise more, knowing I need to get myself together. I have decided to challenge myself to be healthier, so I will give myself 8 weeks. I will see if I lose weight, get toned, and feel healthier all around.
Give yourself 8 weeks and you will see results..
  • Exercise 3 days out the week for at least 45 minutes.
  • Watch what you eat and how much you eat.
  • Know your body.
  • Food portions-Breakfast biggest meal of the day, lunch large but just enough to fill you up, dinner shouldn't be large but just the right amount.

Finding a Cure- MS

So, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, last year. For those who does not know what it is, this is the definition- Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. I am now learning all that comes with having this disease. For the last month I have been having seizures almost every week. I have found out that about 3% of people that have MS, has seizures too. And lucky me, I just happen to be in that percentile. I have found out a lot about myself from having MS. I found out how strong I actually am, how much my body can take until it breaks down on me, and how much support I have. Is there anyone that has MS and can give me tips to take care of myself better or things you have found out that may be a trigger??

These are a few symptoms I have..
Blurred or Double Vision
Loss of balance
Difficulty Thinking

I am pretty sure there are more but if you are having some symptoms, Please go get checked out.
 - Team Marla

 MS Walk 2016