Are You Living Healthy?? Neither Am I

Living healthy, happens to be one of those things no one is the best at. Balancing everyday life while trying to be healthy is a hard task, but can be done. I take myself as an example, I'm young, have a full time job, about to start school, and like to do what I want to do. I make excuses for myself on why I can eat healthier and exercise more, knowing I need to get myself together. I have decided to challenge myself to be healthier, so I will give myself 8 weeks. I will see if I lose weight, get toned, and feel healthier all around.
Give yourself 8 weeks and you will see results..
  • Exercise 3 days out the week for at least 45 minutes.
  • Watch what you eat and how much you eat.
  • Know your body.
  • Food portions-Breakfast biggest meal of the day, lunch large but just enough to fill you up, dinner shouldn't be large but just the right amount.

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