Finding a Cure- MS

So, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, last year. For those who does not know what it is, this is the definition- Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. I am now learning all that comes with having this disease. For the last month I have been having seizures almost every week. I have found out that about 3% of people that have MS, has seizures too. And lucky me, I just happen to be in that percentile. I have found out a lot about myself from having MS. I found out how strong I actually am, how much my body can take until it breaks down on me, and how much support I have. Is there anyone that has MS and can give me tips to take care of myself better or things you have found out that may be a trigger??

These are a few symptoms I have..
Blurred or Double Vision
Loss of balance
Difficulty Thinking

I am pretty sure there are more but if you are having some symptoms, Please go get checked out.
 - Team Marla

 MS Walk 2016

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