Relationship Goals

So I want to say something about relationships. Don't get in a relationship, just because everyone else is. Make sure you are with someone you want and want you back. Stay with them through it all and prove yourself worthy of them. We all see the videos and pictures of couples saying "relationship goals" now I have a slight problem with that. Why want someone else relationship goals? I want my own goals in a relationship, anyone can put on an act in front of a camera. They relationship that you don't always see, hear about, or know everything about would be goals for me. Why? Well, I don't need everyone in my business.
Silence is golden and honesty is key. (that probably went over so many heads)
If you are a man invest your time into someone that will be your backbone and treat you a King should be treated. And if you are a woman invest your time into someone worthy of you. You are a Queen and a King will know you are one when he lays his eyes on you. It takes a strong man to claim his Queen. Kings and Queens don't lose your crown over jokers, you may never get it back.
While you wait for your King or Queen, start building your kingdom so when they arrive the kingdom will be in the works. When you are worry free, your Kindom is complete. 

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