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Okay, I am NOT one to speak on this type of issue but I think my voice needs to be heard on it. The kills with "WHITE" Police Officers and these "BLACK" men, now I don't know all the facts, wasn't there to witness anything, don't know what was going on in their minds. I think the officers were wrong to KILL, I am saying this in all issues of officers killing, PERIOD! YES, BLACK lives matter, but WHITE lives matter also. All lives matter and we need to see that as White, Black, Hispanic, Chinese, whatever color or race you are. I say this because I have different races in my family so if I target one of those races than its like saying their lives don't matter. If I say black lives matter than does that mean my friends of other races lives don't matter or matters less than blacks? I don't like that fact that these officers are aiming to kill, why not aim to just hurt them? Why not just shoot one in the air to scare? What are men saying to these officers to make them think their lives are in danger? Why is "KILL THEM" the first thing these officer think of? We as people want these terrible events to stop happening right? What are we doing to change anything?
Look, I am not saying that it is okay with what these officers are doing or its okay for anything that's been happening is okay. I am saying we have to make sure this does not happen again to anyone's son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, or friend. Make sure you teach your children well, make sure they know their rights, just stop the cruel violence. EVERYONE Matters.

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