Vacation To Florida: Something to Store

So I took a trip this past week to Orlando, Florida. My second time going, first time was just boring and terrible but anyways...I rode a plane not my first time on a plane but my first time on a plane where I remember getting on. So we got on the first plane from Richmond, VA to Atlanta, GA. The plane takes off and I didn't like the feeling it gave me in stomach. I was feeling claustrophobic, dizzy, I was tired, just not the excited feeling I was looking for. I tried to sleep off the feeling but I just ended up having a seizure in my sleep. What a great feeling right? Nope, so of course I end up in a wheelchair because I had a seizure on the plane in my sleep. (yes, sleep seizures are a thing). Trying to be cute once again in a wheelchair is so hard especially in ATL. So get back on the plane to Florida, the sunshine state. First day there I went straight to sleep when I go to the room. I enjoyed my vacation to Florida went to Universal Studios, Fun Spot, little Wax Museum, etc. It wasn't too much stress on me so I think that was good. I made sure I didn't get attacked Gatorjaws. Even though the baby Gatorjaws were kind of cute. Lol I enjoyed the plane ride on my way back home. I just missed my bed of course and being in my own space. I think everyone should go on vacation at least twice a year. Helps with stress and just to get out your home and have fun for once. Down fall to vacations for some would be that check you get when you get back. I like family vacations when all your family is there or family and friends’ one. When you tired of one person you can have back up. I just one good vacation to remember for my good memories. But I overall enjoyed myself!!


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