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I stopped getting relaxers in my hair when I was in high. I didn't do the “big chop," I transitioned from relaxed to natural. So I wear a lot of braids, two strand twists, and more braids. I wore it straight a few times...didn't last though. Lol Once I had about less than 2 inches of relaxer left I decided then I would cut it. When I did, I loved how soft, curly, and full my hair was. Four months, after I cut it the worst thing happened to me. My hair fell out just in the middle of my head. So for the next year after that a lot of hairstyles were undo's for me to hide my bald middle of my head. I later found out I had Alopecia, the disease where you lose your hair with the possibility of it growing back. Thank God mine grew back. I stopped wearing box braids and Senegalese twist on my hair unless they are crotchet braids. The crotchet braids are so much more convenient, less stress on my head, and cheaper because I can do it myself. My hair is longer than it's ever been and I'm getting to my hair goals. I just need the right products to curly my hair the way I want it to. I have a mixture between 4a and 4b hair type any hair products anyone recommend????!!! I just want my hair to be about bra strap length straight and when curly it doesn't matter.
Natural Puff
Transitioning Braid Out

Braid out
Straw Curls

After I cut the rest of my relaxer off
Twist style to hid my bald middle of my head

Style when my hair fell out
Two Strand Twist

Jerry Curl Crotchet Braid
E'tae Treatment Straighten Kit  

Old Twist Out Puff

Two Strand Twist

Blow Out on half natural hair
Crotchet Braids

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