This Problem-Parents Not Taking Care of Their Kids

So, I have a big problem with parents not taking care of their kids, period. It's not just  a dad thing because there are moms out there that just do not care either. I do not care if the child was planned or not planned, there is not one excuse in this or the next world on why you are not taking care of your child/children. But if you have one I would love to hear it. (waiting)
I know I personally do not have children of my own, so of course I will get some comments but I know of so many different situations of why mom or dad, just cannot take care of their child/children and still I prove to them why this or that is not an excuse. Plus, I think this is one of those common sense subjects, but hey everyone thinks differently.
The way I feel is everyone knows if you do not want a child or children...what do we do? Hmmmm.. well, let's think, there are these things called "condoms," little pills, a shot, a ring, whatever called "birth control," or this thing called "abstinence." Find one that works for you and hold on to it until you can take responsibility. That's plain and simple.
I just cannot wrap my head around this. Why want something that you are not ready for or just not going to take care of once you get it? I bet if you wait nine month for a new pair of sneakers to come out some would be first in line to get them. Why not be first in line to take care of something you made? (and I wait)
Some excuses I have heard myself is "I cannot be in my child's/children's life because I work all day every day, my current boyfriend/girlfriend do not like the mother/father of my child/children, I didn't want the child, they trapped me. (the look on my face when I hear excuse people give are just priceless, only because I want to slap fire out of the person saying it but any who..)
I am not here to jump on any one's case, I just needed to get this off my chest. Ii am truly a sucker for kids, I hate to see a child just growing up with just mom or just dad. But little do they know the parent that is leaving this child to be raised by one parent could have some issues later in life. Also, at the same time some children, go off to be great people later in life and end up doing big things. So, I ask you why wouldn't you want to be part of this child's/children's life? (LIKE I REALLY WANT A GREAT ANSWER)

P.S. As much as I wanted to go a little deeper into this and put my knee to a few people's throat, I did not. But what I will do is let this sit here and just let those who are not part of their kids' life to just think about what they are missing out on or what they are destroying.

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