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I been thinking lately that I should be proper and introduce myself to my readers. Some may know me, some know of me, and some just are completely unaware of my existence. So, I figured I will be nice and tell you all a little something, something about me. First off, I'm Marla and I am in my 20s. I was born in a good, old, New York blizzard. Since my mother didn't want a Christmas baby so I am a January baby, January 8th, to be exact. I am from New York but moved around quite a bit. I currently live in oh wonderful, boring Virginia, yay!! I attended schools in Dinwiddie from first to eighth grade than was forced to move and leave all my friends behind. Summer of 2008 was the worse summer I ever had than I found out I was going to a school I never heard of. That was just the cherry on top of my sad cake. I went to Clover Hill my whole high school life and I basically have 3 friends in there, maybe 3. Attended that school for 3 years and BOOM, graduated in 2012. I was the happiest person to get out that school. I escaped that school that year with one good friend, we still best friends to this day. (enough about that)

I got my first job and car at 18 and paid it all off at 20. I have been through a few jobs in my 5 years of starting my first one. I used to work 2 or 3 jobs at once and was full time student. I now only work one job and I am in college still, its online it's called Grantham University, even though it's been one hell of a ride to get in, stay in, get back in, and now stay in again. I work at a daycare, I love my babies. That job can be bitter sweet because it can give you baby fever but also be a natural birth control. LOL I work with a good group of people there.  But you know how they say "All good things must come to an end"? Yea, all my good things had ended for me, Yay!!  On January 9, 2015, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In October of 2015, I was diagnosed with a Sleeping Disorder (it’s a word I can't pronounce). And last but finally not least in August of 2016 I was diagnosed with Seizure Disorder. My life is a roller coaster and I did not ask to ride. So now I am limited to stuff, how can you put a person in their 20s, that go to college, and have a job on restriction? Some of them don't bother me but the one that do is I must be seizure free for six months before I can drive again. It’s been five months already but only one of those months have been seizure free!! So, yay for me for being seizure free for a whole month, five more to go. I will say I have a great support system until I get in depression mode and they don't understand anymore. I joined a MS support group online because I can't drive myself to a real one and I don't like talking in front of people I don't know. 

Any who, I have a few hobbies I enjoy (watch out now it’s going to get crazy). I love cars, drawing, designing, shopping for shoes only, and I love this blogging. My love for drawing, cars, and design, made me choice to go to school for Engineering. But I'm Marla, so I just can't be satisfied until I go to school for Architecture, Graphic Design, and to be an Automotive Technician (I’m going to be in so much debt). So, I hope to be able to design my own house and car one day, those are my long-term goals/dreams. 
Even though there's so much more to know about me, I will let you ask what you would like to know about me.

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