My New Years Weekend- It's Always Something

I going to tell you all about my wonderful weekend, but this is how it started. I had a good Christmas and went back to work that Tuesday. Everything was all good until that night I had a bad, sharp pain in my right side. I didn't pay it any attention because we all know I have MS so pain is always in my body. This pain continues for a few hours, but went away before I went to bed. Wednesday, started off good. I went to work and as soon as I got home a pain in my right side hit me like a ton of bricks. So, I laid down to try to sleep the pain off, but it didn't work. The pain I was feeling was worse than anything I have ever felt. it was one of those pains that start one place, moves and stays in that place and other places. The pains were in my back, right side and stomach. And they were sharp and severe. The whole night I suffered with the pain and my bladder issues wasn't the night I wanted. It hurt to move, stand up, walk, sit down, and lay down. I was in a world of an unexplainable pain and I wasn't happy. By like 12am Thursday, I was in my floor hugging my pillow in tears. I was crying for a good hour before my brother came in there and sat with me for like 30 minutes. I knew it wasn't going to stop so I had to go wake my mom up at 1 in the morning, knowing she had to get up in a few hours because I didn't know what else to do or take to at least let me sleep. We all know moms fix everything so I got in the bed with her, (since my dad was at work), she gave me some pain killers and I could sleep for a few hours. But I just had to get up to go use the bathroom and that's when the pain came back. I just decided to go back in my bed and suffer until I had to get up for my in-home doctor's appointment for my new MS medicine. I was lucky all I had to do is lay there and chill but the pain was still there. After, the doctors left and I was getting up to go to my room. my dad saw the way I was walking and asked what was wrong. Of course, we went straight to the doctor’s office. I was called to the back and the doctor did her thing, asking questions, pushing where it hurt (Ouch!), and all that painful stuff. And that when she told I had Appendicitis than she left out the room so they can do some blood work...In my head I'm like really just having MS, sleeping problems, seizures, and all that other stuff just isn't enough huh?..I looked at my mom and she was like "You just can catch a break." The doctor returned and gave me to recommendations go to the ER now or go have a CT scan done tomorrow. She kept telling me to just go to the ER but of course Marla is hardheaded. So, I decided to watch and see what the scan said first plus I wanted to go to work the Friday before the weekend. Friday came, I got through my work day and left there to my appointment. But first they made me drink two jugs of flavored contrast for the CT scan, nastiest stuff that ever went in my body. I feel sick after drinking it and I couldn't eat that whole day, so I was mad that was the only thing that I could drink or eat. After, getting the CT scan done the nurse came to me and confirmed I had Appendicitis and they got my doctor on the phone so I could talk to her. She told me to go home, pack a small overnight bag, don't eat or drink anything, and go to the ER. At this point, I'm pissed off because I am hungry and in pain. When I get irritated and I must be in one place I get whiny, grumpy, and real fidgety, plus I was still hungry. I wait 4 hours in the ER until they moved me to a room. The next morning, Saturday, (New Year’s Eve) my mother and I waited around bored to let us know when the surgery was. Around 8am, the surgeon came in and talked to us and said they be up to get me at 11. So, I laid there joking with my family until they came to get me and get me ready to go get the appendix removed. I make sure I went to the bathroom before I went down. But once I got ready, I still had to lay here and wait for them to finish another operation. The nurse let my mother come down and sit with me until they were ready. I told her they have 30 minutes to get me back there and take it out or I'm getting up and leaving. lol I was just ready to go home so I can eat. I remember the nurse saying “we about to go back but first I must put this medicine into your IV.” She told me it’s going to make me feel funny and that's all I remember of that until I woke up. I woke up being I had to be my eyes couldn't focus, everything was blurry, but I knew I had to pee. The nurse was like it’s just the fluid in the IV making you feel like that but I didn't believe all that. I just knew my bladder felt full and I had to pee, so I made her put a bed pan under me. I refused to pee on myself, lol but guess what! Nothing came out. lol After, they got me back to my room my bladder wanted to just be released. I swear I was peeing at least 3 time every 5 minutes and the nurses didn't more fast enough to empty it. I just decided to make the bedside toilet a chair and sit there. lol I just chilled in the room until the surgeon came up to talk to us. He said my appendix was the size of his picky and don't supposed to be nowhere near that big. He also confirmed they finished the surgery in 21 minutes, remember I gave them 30. lol I could go home the same day. The best part about it was my dad brought me some Chipotle and my aunt brought me a red valve cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, yes, I was very happy.
I didn't have to bring in the New Year at the hospital, but in my bed, in pain, at home. I am unable to go back to work now so I am just getting my rest.

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