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"We Live a Lifestyle that alone is Inspiring. But now we are reaching out to women and motivating them to follow their hearts, their dreams, and know we have their back. Be Bold, Be Beautiful, and own every inch of the woman you are. It's OK to be you because we all share the same hurt, the same cries, and who’s better to be by your side then a bunch of woman, who UNDERSTAND and Conquer each battle as a woman in 2017."

Blooming Season is the opening of Spring, where what was thought to be dead cold and gone. Is now blossoming and on full Bloom Mode. Vanglore is not just Cosmetics, it's a Brand, a Movement not to be reckoned with. Each season we have, we are introducing something new and always subliminal to how we will reach and help women Grow TOGETHER.
What is Vanglore? πŸ’‹
Vanglore is the CONFIDENCE, to bring back to life what was once thought to be dead. Vanglore is the CONFIDENCE, every woman yearns for when she's not feeling her best. Vanglore is the CONFIDENCE, to keep the glow even when things seem to be out of whack and not going well. Vanglore is simply CONFIDENCE and the Lifestyle Statement, needed to inspire, motivate, and build up more beautiful women from the inside out. 
We like to call it the Magic Stick; LipStick that is. The Blooming Season Collection will jump start Spring with 6 of the most vibrant and well formulated semi-matte colors to compliment any and every skin tone and bring out that Spring Bloom. 
"If God has blessed you with a talent don't leave this Earth without blessing the world with what you have been blessed with."

πŸ’‹Let's meet the beautiful ladies of VANGLORE!!
Along Side some of her closest friends and family who have her back, Sarah Sharda is destined to achieve just that.
Sarah Sharda has been a Professional MUA for 3 years with one of The Top Makeup Brands. After Sharpening her skills not only in her craft, but in business. Sarah Sharda decided with the Beauty Industry being over saturated with “FRAUD” artist selling to achieve numbers, instead of smiles, confidence, and customer satisfaction. She strived to start her own line, that will achieve what the game has been missing. Sarah Sharda is not only an all-around artist, but she is a creative and innovative Master Mind.
First off let’s meet Cierra. Cierra is Sarah’s Best friend, who is a Hairstylist. She is also a Radio Personal for "She's Got the Answers" Premiering Fall 2017, so stay turned for that.

Next, we have Sade, she is the Creator of Slimedia. She’s Sarah’s Third Eye on deck ready to film and bring Sarah’s visions to life.

(left is Sade & right is Sarah)

This is Diara. She is Sarah’s Cousin and her fantastic event Planner.

(left is Diara, middle is Sarah & right is Kenya)

Now, we have Raven. She is a Model and Actress. She is also the Brand Ambassador for VANGLORE and Sarah’s closest friend.

"I don't care if I sell 1 lipstick or 1 million my ultimate goal is making a difference in each and every woman I encounter."
Go order your MagicStick today, don’t wait until tomorrow. Always be true to you.


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