Saturday, July 15, 2017

Young Mothers and Their Babies

There are a lot of young mothers out there. Some may have planned to be one and some were surprised they were going to become one. When you are younger and become pregnant, people tend to look down on you, talk about you, say they will be there for you but don't, think you made a stupid mistake or whatever. This world looks down on young woman that has kids or who’s pregnant, and that's crazy because we all must come from somewhere and someone. Today, if you old enough to have sex, without protection than you are old enough to take care of a baby if that's the outcome. (this goes for both parents) 👀

I interviewed a few young mothers and asked them the following questions...

1. Did you plan to get pregnant? And if so what steps did you take to prepare yourself?

2. Did you want a boy or girl? Where you surprised when you found out the gender? Which parent was correct on the sex?

3. What was your reaction when you found out? What was dad’s reaction?

4. Who was there for you through the pregnancy?

5. Were there any complications? (don't have to answer if too personal)

6. What did you crave through your pregnancy? Who had the morning sickness or feeling sick the most? (mom or dad?)

7. What advice would you give to moms to be and those wanted to start conceiving?

And these are their answers..   


No, we did not plan it, it was a complete surprise. At first, I wanted a boy until about a week or two before we found out. Yes, I knew it was a girl the whole time, I guessed correctly. We were so happy, we didn't have much to say. We were just super smiley. Lol very body has been here for me, I'm so grateful to have great people in my life. Hopefully, I will not have none when it's time for labor and delivery🤞🏽 But with my second miscarriage I had a D&C. I've been craving a lot of sweet things (Cereal, eggos, toaster strudels, popsicles). I never had morning sickness, but nauseous here and there. Jay got sick one day before we found out I was pregnant, that's what made me take the test. ❤