Thursday, November 9, 2017

He Wasn't What I Thought

Every relationship is different, and you should never feel like you must compete or compare your relationship to another. No one is perfect, so we should know who we are getting into a relationship with before we do so. Therefore, we get to know someone first, even though we are not able to learn everything in a day. I have learned the key to a good, healthy relationship is love, commination, forgiveness, space and togetherness. And most of all have fun and enjoy each other...

Last year, I wrote something about relationships goals. And they are all on social media, so we can’t escape seeing someone's happiness. So, let me tell you about mine, never get to brag so I'm about to..

This year I want to talk about my relationship. The relationship I'm in with D.L.B.P has been amazing. He made the first year of our relationship wonderful. He has been there for me through the pain, tears, emotions, seizures, my M.S. problems, just everything. He was there to make sure I was ok, if I needed anything, and if I did he would get it for me. I know I can be needy and extra, but obviously he doesn’t mind it. I also know I am difficult, spoiled, and have a little attitude problem, but he still puts up with me. I know I get on his last nerve with my attitude, but he put up with me anyway. lol

I’ve known my boyfriend since JR High School, so it’s been a minute. We had a thing for each other is middle school, but I moved away, and we didn't keep in touch much. I do remember one year he got me this bear for Valentine's Day in 2008 and I loved that bear. I kept that bear for 8 years. lol I donated it in the spring of 2016 because I didn't think it meant anything to me anymore but I guess I was wrong in some way... (fast forward a little) ...

In July of 2016, I got a message on Facebook from D.L.B.P. asking me if I wanted to go out and see a movie with him, of course I said yes. I didn't say it because it was him, but because I was bored in all honestly. lol (he knows that now) So we went to the movies that night and we talked on the way there catching up. It was funny to me, he didn't look at me the whole time we were out. I asked him about it and he said he didn't want to mess anything up. (he was nervous) lol Even, with the awkwardly quiet night, I did enjoy myself because we shared memories and laughs. I don't think I have ever felt so comfortable around someone as I do with him. I need him to learn to join in during car ride concerts because I know I be getting it. Here we are year and some months later, we are still together and happier than ever. I know a year isn't long to some people and their relationship but to me it is different. 😍😊

SO..I asked him some questions...

·         What was your first impression of me?

·         What do you like/love about me?

·         What don't you like about me?

·         Do you want this to last?

His answers were...

·         I thought you were kind of shy. 

·         I love everything about you.

·         Your ATTITUDE gets on my nerves sometimes. (already knew that lol)

·         Yes.

     I was going to answer these questions, but obviously I like him enough to write about him, so I didn't think it was necessary. 😛

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  1. Sure every relationship is different so are the two or more people involved in any kind of relationship.
    So be yourself, respect others space and thoughts.
    Yes you must love and be ready to forgive any offence and learn to sacrifice.

    Thanks for letting us be part of your world.