It's Me Again

Oh how I missed blogging, so I'm back baby. I use blogging as away of expression or a reason to talk to myself. Lol Either way I'm back and shouldn't have left but I did. Why you may ask? Well I glad I'm here to tell you, the reason I stopped was LIFE. Yea, life came in and kicked my ass for awhile and I mean she still kind of winning but who's keeping count. But I did win one battle because I have a baby boy on the way. Happy isn't the word on how I feel about it. I honestly didn't think I would have kids and BOOM three tests later (dramatic pause)..I had to accept that the first one wasn't cheap or broken. My son's father is actually "my first love," cool right? We known each other since JR High and now we have a little one on the way. To be honest, I wasn't sure if the baby was mine. I know I know, could just do a DNA test to make sure. But when I started to see how he acted during my check ups and ultrasounds, I knew he was mine.
~Fast Forward to now ~
I am now 6 months pregnant with my son. Life and I are still fighting none the less but I refuse to let her win. I'm a sore loser so that wouldn't sit right with me. My medical problems have been acting up the entire pregnancy and won't let up for some reason. (I have a Seizure Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, and Narcolepsy for those who were wondering) Along with all of that, my cervix decided to be like my height and be short. I came to the conclusion, I didn't want to meet my son early so we got that baby stitched up. (Cervical Cerclage-medical name) I got that done at 22 weeks and it will be removed at 36 weeks. Questions, comments, concerns..OK moving on. 
My mom and I have been planning, DIY'in my baby shower, which is December 7, so next week. And as of today, right now I have nothing to wear. My priceless, silky, brown skin is looking real good right now,  since clothes aren't working. Lol But of course mom had to rain on my parade and tell me I can't wear just my skin. (Eye roll) Adam and Eve did it, so don't see the problem other than being cold. I will figure something out, last minute, I always do.

I will end this here...

-Be on the lookout for pictures and videos of the baby shower. 

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  1. I would like to take the opportunity to have brought one of two strong willed , intelligent , independent, funny young women into the world . Marla has now given me the opportunity now to be called GQ( grand-mom Quin) . Marla is my super hero to be faced with so many obstacles and still push through with all of the strength and faith knowing that God has her back .
    I’m so glad she knows who her help comes from ����