Celebrating Baby Cameron-Prince Cam

On December 7th, 2019, family and friends gathered together to celebrate the new addition to the family. Mr. Cameron will be the first grandson, great grandson, nephew, great nephew to some, etc on my side and his dad's side of the family, so yes to answer your question he is SPOILED! I decided to have my baby shower two months ahead, when I was 29 weeks. I had more energy and gave me time to get anything else I needed for baby boy. My baby shower was D.I.Y. by my mom, myself, and my best friend. (You like? I'll do your baby shower) I am just happy and grateful everyone had fun. I also happy my son is so loved like he is and he's not even here yet. OK, I will stop talking and unleash these pictures to everyone.

 Cameron's Elephant Baby Shower


Cameron's great grandparents💕💕
Cameron's great grandma💋💖
Cameron's great grandma and grandma(GQ)

Cameron's Grandmas and Mommy❤❤
Cameron's Grandparent
s and Mommy💖 

Cameron's Mommy and Daddy💕👶

Cameron's Auntie Jazz and Uncle KJ💗

Mommy, Titi, and Daddy💁💕

Cameron's Uncle Andrew and Cousin JoJuan😂😂

Cameron's Mommy, Great Grandma, and Daddy😂💓

Cameron's God Mom Ki, his Jay, and Harrison💗😊

Tammi and Zaria❤

 Cameron's Guncle Reg😬💙

Cameron's Cousin Israel🙉💗 

Cameron's Cousin Ashly and Melissa😊

Uncle KJ and Mommy✌💚

Cameron's Liz and Shelbie❤

Mommy, Auntie Jazz, and Daddy😂

Cameron's Great Aunt Vonda and God Mommy Ashley👄❤
Cameron's grandparents, uncle, aunt, and mommy❤❤
Mommy and Cousin Tara😚

Cameron's Uncle Andrew, Mommy, Grandma..and Israel ❤

Musical Chairs😂😂

Cameron's Maria and Hector❤

Cameron's great aunt and cousin Neenee💟
Cameron's cousin JoJuan👶😂

Letting the man take a walk in a pregnant women's life😂 

Uncle KJ😄💘

Let's open gifts🙏

Cameron's Cousin Phillis, Mommy and Great Grandma💗💅

Neenee and Phillis 💖
(daughter and mother)

Cameron Auntie, Grandma, and NeeNee👄💖

Ashly, Melissa, Keyonna, Aunt Tina, 
Grandma and Cousin DJ❤✊
My God Mommy Shakema❤💋

Cameron's Mommy and Auntie😋
Cameron's Great Aunt Tina, Daddy and Mommy💟😛

Cousin Ashly, cousin Melissa, cousin Jojuan and Keyonna, and Grandma💘

Cameron's Cousin Boo, Grandpa, and my God Mommy💗


Cameron's Mommy and Daddy

💓Cameron M. Booth, your dad and I are so excited to meet you soon. And we love you more than you would ever know.

Cake: Dare2Dessert d2dcakes.wixsite.com/dare2dessert  
Photographers: Christina Jones chrsroxphotography.weebly.com/

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  1. This was such a beautiful day ... my dear child I can’t wait to meet your son��