Love-Is it still true and pure or just another word?

I just been thinking about the word LOVE and how much it is just thrown around like it doesn't have a true, genuine meaning. Can we agree on that? If no, it doesn't matter, I said what I said. Any who, I decided to google the definition of love just to see how different it is from what we think it is. Google said love is "an intense feeling of deep affection" and "feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone)." SO... for me love is all one but just is shown in different ways depending on the thing or persons you love. For an example, my bed and I have an unconditional love for each other. lol (let me stop playing)

I wanted to know what people had to say, so I asked a few males and females the same question. I wanted to see how different, yet similar their answers would be. These are the question I asked...

  • What is love? (in your own words)
  • How do you know someone love you without them telling you?
  • How do you know you love someone?

Pretty easy questions, right? I think so too. I thought I would go ahead and answer the questions also, since we all have a different outlook on this. But I will be last to answer 😁

Love...Its unconventional, when, that special someone is the first thing you think about. It's when you want to make sure they are straight before yourself. Love is also a sacrifice. The best way to show someone you love them is by being there through, whatever the ups and downs. You can tell how and if someone love you by their action but their energy. If their energy matches yours, if you miss a morning and can't go a whole day without talking or checking up on them. You will be on their mind like they are on yours. Someone that love you will do whatever to keep a smile on your face because they never want to see you unhappy. -P.G.

 Love to me is a strong emotion that joins two people together. It really can't be defined in a certain way because everyone experiences it differently. It goes deeper than a physical attraction and how one person treats the other. The way I show love or my love language as some say is through acts of kindness and affection. The way I know someone loves me without them having to say it, is I can just feel it. It's in the way the person interacts with me compared to how they interact with other people, for instance a simple thing like saying "hi, how are you?" Can differ from the person that's just friends with someone, to the way they say it to the person they love. I can also tell by the way they look at me. -R.B.

Love is when someone takes a compassionate liking towards someone else. There are many definitions. I think the most popular and sought after one view is called Eros or romantic love. I show someone I love them regardless of what type by actions. What I can and am willing to do for them is how I show it. Of course, this is occasionally limited by my own means and personal restrictions. However, regardless of whatever "type" of love I have for someone the one thing that remains constant is that I show it through actions. Whether it's listening to a friend vent, helping someone move or handle the tough things that life throws, taking mom to dinner, spending quality time with the kids, or a simple romantic gesture just to let someone know that they're on my mind. How do I know if someone loves me? I would look at it somewhat similar. Understanding that not everyone shows it the same way is a big part. I have close friends that I talk to all the time and they always try to feed me when I come over or remain supportive in any situation. I also realize that my parents were very hard on me because they wanted to show that they cared about my future.  -R.S.

Love is consistency, strength and forgiveness. It's more than just saying and showing it to someone. How I show it is by putting effort in that person and I value that person not materialistically, but in my thoughts that's what counts. I am consistently valuing a person to make them a better person. How do I know if someone loves me, by them showing me their efforts, the time they have for me, and what all is done in a period of time. They would do things without me asking and know me inside and out very well. That's love. -A.F.

Love..Honestly in the relationship sense I don't know exactly what love is I think honestly words can't describe love it's like a whole different feeling that comes in a instant so fast you don't expect it your mind body and soul feels something that it has never felt before it's so many different types of love from family friends and relationships but you just know it when it happens they you can’t explain it. Showing you love someone it's all about perception it's what you was taught or wasn't taught a lot Times showing you love someone can be a simple as time or even reassurance to a person that your presence is here and felt a lot of times we don't know how to show love because we never had that in our lives so it's just how you give without even asking for anything in return it's a feeling that will make you get out of your comfort zone. -S.W.

Love is kindness and compassion, putting someone else's needs before your own making them feel special. it's the little things that they do for you like starting the coffee pot in the morning or giving you a kiss saying good morning. It really goes both ways if I'm doing that for the person and they are doing the same things for me I know they love me there caring for me there showing me that by doing the things that matter to me not necessarily to them. -N.K.  

Love is crazy... lol You know someone loves you by their actions. You know you love someone when you just feel like your whole world is perfect when you with that person and no matter what goes on you try to work things out because love is not the easiest thing. 

Love to me is a set of emotions, feelings you can love a lot of things but not all of them with the same love. It could be like I love my car, my house, my dog...then I have that I love my wife, kids type of love with I will die for. By showing someone, you love them and always being there for them. Telling them wrong from right just because you love someone doesn’t mean you have to stand by them on everything they do. Telling someone the truth when it might hurt them is showing love too. Catering to someone is also showing a person you love them in a relationship, always being there for them. Love without someone telling you is showing you. Love is hard to explain like I said it’s a bunch of mix feelings. You can truly love someone and still do so much to hurt them. It’s crazy people even kill people they really love. That thing called LOVE. -D.J.  

Love in my own words, is unconditional, raw, and real. No matter what that person does and no matter what they’ve been through you want to understand and love them despite the odds. I know someone loves me when they deal with my horrible attitude and mood swings time after time. And they still come back like nothing happened. lol I know I love someone when he’s all I think about, I always miss him, and I’m always eager to tell him that my day was good or bad. -T.M.

Love is what you make it out to be based on your perception. Either it can be the ultimate form of one's desire to commitment and bonds or it can be unconditional. There are many ways to show love to someone. It could be through the little things you can do for a person, to big extravagant things all for a greater purpose. To help someone special for there is no need for the favor to be returned, but instead to express that love. When they show you instead of having to tell you, when they know what's on your mind without you having to say anything. When that person knows you better than they know yourself. When they're always there for you in so way, shape, or form. Those are the lighthearted answers. Or rather sugar coated. -T.W.

Love in my own words would have to be happiness in the simplicity of life. As far as showing someone you love them I don't think there's a set default answer. Each person desires love in a different way, so I feel like it's up to you to learn your partner, and go from there. To answer your last question - I would hope their actions would tell me. Things like caring about my goals, listening to me when I'm frustrated, motivating me to be better than the day before. Things of that nature. -L.C.

I think all my features had some good points and it's funny how not one answer is the same. (not hahah funny) I would like to put my two cents in here also if that would be okay, going to do it anyways. So..

Love is a strong passionate feeling you have towards someone. Love is something I don't think you can fake but it can be confusing on what kind of love it is. The way someone look at you and treat you is how you can tell the love is real without them saying the words. If someone just look at you in a way where if something was to happen to you, their whole world would be worthless. I would say the truly love you. When I say the way a person treats you, that don't always mean in a materialistic way. I think some people get that mixed up because anyone can buy you something and that don't mean they love you. I mean when someone treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Everyone deserve to be treated in a way where when they just randomly sit back and think about their spouse. And just smile because you know they are the best you every had and you know without a doubt they love you. I would know I love someone by my actions and how I feel around that person. I don't change but the way I do things would change because I would think about them before I did something. Just for me I get comfortable but shy at the same time when I love someone in a deep way. If you were to ask me why I love you truly love you, I could probably write a half a book about it. But honestly, we all love in different ways, just because you love differently than your spouse doesn't mean they don't love you. It just means they have a different way of showing their love verses the way you show your love towards them...

Guys sometimes you just need to open up a little more for us ladies. Ladies maybe we could maybe, somehow, one way or another chill on the crazy just because he didn't show us the love the way we think we should get it. lol 

If you love someone, truly love someone. You should keep that person in your life.

Always work out and talk through any differences, you may have because that could be the love of your life looking at you. 

Don't take each other for granted because there is always someone waiting for you to mess up, so they can swoop in. 

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