About Me

Hello! My name is Marla. I started blogging in 2016 just to get things off my mind and chest, I use this as a stress reliever. I started liking it, so I continued doing it. It called Living Day to Day because I don't write just about one thing or subject. I write about how I feel about somethings, things I like, things I want to share, and so on. I would people to feel how I feel when I write my post, want them to feel all my emotions I put into them. 

I like to draw, paint, listen to music, eat, and sleep. lol Those are my hobbies, I like to have fun , but I also like to take it easy. I love cars too, yea I know I'm a girl but we like to speed too. My dream car 1967 Fastback Mustang, but until I get that I'll enjoy my newer Mustang! (I LOVE MY CAR SO MUCH). 

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